Personalizing Your Itagaki Products

Our personalization service allows you to have your name or initials debossed on your Itagaki wallet or accessory. Debossing is a process in which the letters of your choice are permanently stamped into the leather.
Adding this personal touch is especially ideal for gifts.

Our personalization service is available at all Itagaki stores as well as at certain events. Customers of Itagaki are welcome to have their wallets and accessories personalized free of charge. (This service extends only to wallets and accessories. Bags are excluded).

The font is a single typeface comprising uppercase and lowercase alphabets around 1 cm in height. Our debossing process is not like other personalization techniques such as foil stamping which involve searing the leather. Since the number of characters that can be inserted varies depending upon the product and available space, we may not be able to respond to your request. Please refer to the picture on the right:

  • Initial + Period symbol + Last Name (10 letters, 6.8 cm)
  • Initials Only (width 3cm)
  • Only Name (Width 3cm)
刻印見本 T.Watanabe S.T. Yukie

Sample Typeface

Please refer to the picture below for the sample typeface. The only special character that is permitted is the Period symbol. We do not permit any other special characters or punctuations


Personalization Process

1. Confirm the Spelling

The following are the patterns typically used:

  • Initial + period + last names: (example) K. Tanaka
  • Initial only: (example) KT
  • Only the name below: (example) Yuki

Since the font used is a handwritten style font, we typically combine a capital letter with lowercase letters when spelling names. Using exclusively uppercase letters is not recommended as the result generally appears imbalanced.

The total allowable characters are 10. Incorporating more characters makes it difficult for the debossing process to occur cleanly.

2. Identifying where to insert the name

On most products the debossing is performed on the exterior of the product.

In the case of wallets and business card holders, debossing your name on the inner flap is also possible.

Allow our staff to make recommendations regarding your personalization.

3. Making a Personalization Request

In the "Remarks" column of your order entry form please specify the name that you want debossed and where on the product you would like it.

4. Personalizing Multiple Orders

If you have purchased multiple items please take a moment to list each name to be personalized next to the corresponding product number and Color description.

Example Entry
  • E180 Camel"T. K."
  • E182 Black"Takahashi"

Note: Once a product has been personalized it can no longer be returned unless the product is defective or if we have made an error in the personalization.