Leather Care

Leather products can be used for a long time by taking care of them

When shown the proper care, leather products can last a lifetime.
Since leather is an organic material, neglecting it will lead to cracks on its surface over time. Proper maintenance will inevitably increase its longevity and enhance its luster.

The First Year

We recommend caring for your product once a month for the first year of use. Regular care will gradually cause the grain to settle and will lead to fewer scratches. Even scratches that do appear can be removed by diligent and continued care.
After the first year, caring for your product every six months is sufficient.

How to Care for your Leather Products

Care Course [Video]

Things to Prepare

  • Leather Protection Cream
  • Damp Towel (well squeezed)
  • Soft Cloth
Leather Protection Cream,Damp Towel (well squeezed),Soft Cloth
1. Wipe the product smoothly with the damp towel.
2. Using the palm of your hand, remove any excess moisture by stroking the surface of the product. Stroking the leather by hand allows for a small amount of the moisture to be absorbed evenly by the leather.
3. Using a soft cloth, spread a thin even layer of the protective cream all over the product's surface. Coating the edges with the cream will help preserve the paint and prevent the edge from hardening or cracking.
4. Wipe the surface down gently with another soft cloth (or by reversing the same cloth used for applying the cream). This will remove any extra oil from the surface and will bring out the leather's natural luster.

Troubleshooting Tips

Surface scratches

When treating light scratches, use a slightly damp towel and wipe the surface of the scratch in a direction opposite to the one in which the scratch occurred. Then using the soft tip of your finger (and taking care that the nail does not touch the surface) stroke the surface so as to lay the raised grain of the scratch down again. After repeating this process a number of times the scratch will no longer be noticeable.

However, overdoing it may cause the surface to become discolored, so use caution and your own discretion.

Exposure to Moisture

If your leather product gets wet, wipe the water off immediately. Leather easily develops water stains if not attended to. Wiping the entire surface evenly with a damp cloth will prevent spots or stains from developing at points at which water has made contact.

While drying your leather product, fill it with newspaper or paper towels to preserve the shape since leather can warp. Air dry in a shaded and well-ventilated area.
Before the product has fully dried.

Removing Mold

Leather being an organic material has a tendency to develop mold if left unused for a long time. Use a damp towel to firmly wipe any surfaces that contain mold. Then proceed to clean the surface as above.

Fill with newspaper to maintain its shape and then air dry in a shaded and well-ventilated area. Apply a thin layer of the protective cream before the product has fully dried.

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