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Remaining true to our beliefs

Eizo Itagaki

Eizo Itagaki, the company founder, comes from the last generation of Japanese who learned how to make bags through apprenticeship. He learned this around the 1940s.

During Japan's rapid economic growth (mid 1950s to mid 1970s), mass production came into its own. At that time, he embarked on developing new suitcases as the foreman of a major bag manufacturer. It was this experience that made him the unique craftsman he became.

Itagaki Co., Ltd. was founded so that craftsmen could continue to make products without relying on others or pandering to popular tastes, and with confidence and a sense of responsibility.

Professional craftsmen who have mastered leatherwork understand the demands of the times before applying their imagination to their work. They make every effort to make products that meet demands by putting their passion into their work and fully applying their talents.

  • No compromise
  • No imitation
  • No wastefulness

The Kura Shoulder Bag, our inaugural creation, was produced as a testament to the company’s fundamental policy. It has been popular ever since as our most important work.

We take responsibility for our products every step of the way, from sourcing materials to delivering products to our customers. We stay in touch with our customers through after-care service and repair service. To meet the demands of our customers, our services will remain unchanged in the future.

  • Corner planingThe leather sections are rounded off with a small plane.
  • BuffingThe leather sections are smoothed.
  • Machine SewingPieces are securely sewn with a machine for sewing horse riding gear.
  • Hand SewingHand sewing makes the product durable and more refined.